Discussion & recommendations on decolonising the narrative on queerness(es) in Africa 


The colonial project was a series of engineered apocalyptic events and a source of severe and complex long-term trauma for the many diverse communities in the global majority world. Described by some as bold and daring in its establishment of the current world system it engulfed entire geographies and erased from current memory vital parts of the identity of indigenous groups. A large part of the recent challenges faced by communities in global south contexts is rooted in the hangover and crossover of colonial legislature, practices and norms which contribute to the suffering of vulnerable sections of society such as LGBTQ+ communities. In order to work towards a truly feminist approach to development work, there needs to be radically bold and daring actions of courage to practically and sustainably change the dynamics of power that are embedded in foreign aid.


Make Way for Decolonising the Narrative on Queerness(es) in Africa 

The Make Way programme advocates for an intersectional, feminist and decolonized approach towards social justice for the LGBTQ community that respects the religious, cultural and historical contexts and ensures a balance and dignity for everyone. This is why we hosted the panel discussion “Make Way for Decolonising the Narrative on Queerness(es) in Africa” during the Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy Conference (SFFP) in November 2023. This session brought together a diverse team of African experts in youth activism, academia, policy and theology who are all part of the immense cultural wealth of the LGBTQ+ community across the continent. It creates the beginnings of our intersectional, contextual, historical and linguistic analysis that will inform our Africa-facing advocacy approach to LGBTQ+ communities who are part of the vulnerable communities we serve in East and Southern Africa. 

Watch the full discussion below or watch the trailer first:



Overview panellists:

  • Reverend Adera Godfrey Owino (pastor, Cosmopolitan Affirming Church (CAC)
  • Professor zethu Matebeni (South Africa Research Chair in Sexualities, Genders & Queer Studies University of Fort Hare, visiting Professor Women’s Gender & Sexualities Studies Department Yale University) 
  • Quinter Obiero (founder Equal Voices Organisation)
  • Monica Tabengwa (Policy Specialist, Inclusive Governance Initiative Project, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Africa).


Key take aways & recommendations

The following key take aways for NGOs & CSOs, as well as recommendations to CSOs and donors, are based on the lessons from panellists, participants and organizers during this session. Click here to download your copy.


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