Leaving no one behind vs. pushing people behind. How can we reach those in the back first?


The Sustainable Development Goals committed to prioritising progress for the most marginalised, especially those dealing with structural barriers to accessing healthcare. Yet, these groups continue to not only be left behind, but actively pushed behind. How can we ensure that everyone has access to the healthcare that they need?

We hosted a Make Way webinar at the NGO CSW68 Forum about the risks posed to access to health for all by the privatisation and commercialisation of healthcare. Through storytelling and a panel discussion, we explored the role that the current financial system and alternatives play in addressing the right to health for all. We were joined by speakers from Liliane Fonds, Oxfam and Wemos to understand how we can ensure a human-rights based approach centred on equity and justice in health so that those most marginalised can access the healthcare that they need.

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To view the full webinar recording, see below.


To view the slides of the presentation, see here:
Webinar presentation: Leaving no one behind vs pushing people behind.


*This webinar was co-organized by Akina Mama wa Afrika, Liliane Fonds, Oxfam and Wemos under the Make Way programme.

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